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Annex B Fire Suppression

Under EN1968:​2002 Annex B Fire Suppression Cylinders Should Be Pressure Tested Every 10 Years,& The Owner of the System is Responsible for Ensuring this Testing is Completed.

KSS Service Exchange eliminates downtime for your fire suppression system, ensuring unbroken protection for your valuable assets. KSS will bring pressure-tested full cylinders to your chosen site and swap them for your out-of-date or empty cylinders.

What Type of cylinders can be service exchanged?

KSS offer a cross manufacturer Service Exchange program for most of the Fire Suppression gases including:

  • FM200

  • Novec 1230

  • IG55 (i3, Argonite)

  • IG541

  • CO2

  • Nitrogen

  • Argon
    and more.

Contact Us Today

Contact us with your specific cylinder type and we can advise if we can service exchange them. 

What Type of cylinders can be service exchanged?

KSS can refill most types of Fire Suppression Cylinders on a cross manufacturer basis. In the event of a system discharge we can have cylinders dispatched to replace the empty cylinder(s) and swap out on site, again cutting out the additional time for removal, refill and replacement.

F-Gas Certification

The handling of Cylinders and Gas is a Specialised Job and should only be undertaken by certified companies. KSS Fire Suppression is F-Gas Certified, and is compliant to the guidelines as outlined in Commission Regulation (EC) No 303/2008 of April 2008 – Cert No. 110206, and all of our engineers have also been trained, and hold the relevant Certification.

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Talk to the Fire Suppression experts today. We have more than 30 years of technical expertise in the fire industry.

Our trained fire safety engineers are on hand to solve your Fire Suppression problem.

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