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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Fire Suppression System

​The original "clean" agent, carbon dioxide suppresses fire without leaving behind an agent to damage sensitive equipment. And because there is no agent to clean up, you’re back in business faster. To provide the most economical system arrangement without sacrificing performance, we offer both High and Low pressure systems.


Carbon dioxide is a plentiful, non-corrosive gas that does not support combustion nor react with most substances. It is commonly compressed to the liquid state for storage and transportation in TPED cylinders. 

carbon di oxide fire suppression

Upon release, it discharges under its own pressure giving the appearance of steam as its low temperature crystalizes water in the air. For fire suppression purposes the discharge is designed to raise the carbon dioxide concentration in the hazard.

This removes the free oxygen which supports combustion*, and results in fire extinguishment. The resultant lack of free oxygen dictates that total flooding hazards be evacuated immediately, and carbon dioxide from local application be avoided by personnel.

  • INERGEN Protects Property
    Excellent retention time within the room. One of the greatest failings of Halon systems is the speed with which the Halon gas escapes from the room after discharge. The mixture specification of INERGEN overcomes this problem by bringing the relative density of INERGEN close to that of air. The result is outstanding hold time performance for INERGEN.No corrosive decomposition products. INERGEN does not chemically interfere with the fire and hence does not form any corrosive decomposition products in the fire.
  • Proven Fire Fighting Performance
    INERGEN has an impressive track record of fire fighting around the world with millions of pounds worth of equipment and production saved by the fast acting capability of INERGEN.
  • Features
    No ozone depletion potential No Global Warming Potential No Atmospheric Live Safe for occupied areas No decomposition products Fully tested on humans No fogging when discharged Remote Storage of Agent Directional Valve Systems Approved by LPCB, VdS ​

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