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Gas Disposal / Recovery

KSS are a Registered Dealer Broker under the waste management guidelines 2008, & hold a Registerd Site under SDCC & as such are licensed to arrange the removal of gas cylinders from your site and arrange for the responsible  recovery of the gas.

With experience in removal and recovery of Halon Gases, F-Gases, Inert Gases and Refrigerant Gases from various sites in Ireland and the documented cross border transport of these gases for recovery and destruction, KSS can demonstrate a competence in this field that is unique in Ireland.

By using KSS for this work, you are guaranteed that you are acting responsibly in the removal of waste gases from your site.

All our work and interaction is traceable and backed up with appropriate certification and licences. We provide these up-front and prior to any works being undertaken. KSS would be happy to advise of sites we have carried out this work in, including military sites, large financial institutions and industrial sites.

Please note that since 2003 the use of Halon gas is no longer permitted. Please contact us if you find Halon gas on your premises. We can arrange for the certified removal of same.

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