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Environmental Features

The atmospheric lifetime of Novec 1230 fluid is estimated to be in the range of 3-5 days and with a global warming potential of 1, it is considered that the Novec 1230 fluid has no measurable impact on climate change.

These attributes ensure that Novec 1230 fluid represents a truly sustainable technology.


Despite having a low boiling point, Novec 1230 fluid is able to be effectively vapourised over a wide range of hazard temperatures. It is therefore available to protect most hazards traditionally protected with halon 1301 and will be particularly important in Marine applications and others where high margins of safety and long term sustainability are considered to be important features.

  • Zero ozone depleting potential

  • Negligible global warming potential

  • Atmospheric lifetime of less than 5 days

  • Safe for use in occupied areas

  • Existing halon control system can be adapted for use with Novec 1230 fluid

  • Requires minimal storage space

  • Provisional S.N.A.P. listing by US E.P.A.UL/FM testing underway

  • Submitted for inclusion in ISO and CEN design standards


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