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Pneumatic AKA Trace Systems

Automatic Fire Suppression Systems Designed & Tested For Each Specific Application.
  • Each type of system carries globally recognised certifications.

  • Our installed systems are covered by a thee year warranty.

Global Certifications;

Don't take our word for it, our systems have been tested to the most rigorous standards. This includes the worlds most demanding vibration and durability testing of any standard.

The Right Protection;

We only recommend cost effective systems based on what is best from a technical & scientific basis, unlike others who have access to only one type of fire extinguishing agent or system. We use a range of extinguishing agents including Dry Chemical, Wet Chemical and Clean Agents such as 3M™ Novec™ 1230 fire protection fluid.


Vehicles - Both On-Road & Off-Road   /  Heavy Plant / Equipment  /  Power Generation  /  CNC / EDM Machines  /  Electrical Control Equipment  /  Data Centre & rack Cabinets  /  Ports & Marine  /  Laboratory Fume Hoods

Get in touch

Talk to the Fire Suppression experts today. We have more than a decade of technical expertise in the fire industry.

Our trained fire safety engineers are on hand to solve your Fire Suppression problem.

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