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Suppression System

Firetrace Suppression System - The Best Fire Suppression System

Firetrace Suppression Systems are self seeking Fire suppression systems that not only detects but also suppresses the fire automatically directly at its source. This kind of response is as a result of the Firetrace tubing system set up throughout the risk area. 

Firetrace Tubing System

Firetrace detection tubing system ruptures at 110∞C and discharges the content at the point of fire. This system can be used as a stand alone device and/or can be used for monitoring for alarm systems. Firetrace's flexible detection tubing can provide protection in difficult and hard to reach areas where other detection methods cannot be used.

These rugged detection tubing can be used in harsh environments where other types of detection would quickly deteriorate and render the system inoperable.


Firetrace Suppression System Installation

Firetrace suppression systems can be retrofitted to as many applications as the business needs and with this, multiple sections can be protected by the use of just one single system. They are totally self-contained, do not require any type of outside electrical source and will remain totally operational during unexpected power outages.


Firetrace tube systems do not require an expensive control panel and are the most cost effective automatic fire suppression system available.


Can be designed with most commercially available agents including clean agents, foam and dry chemical, to ensure the best agent is used for an application.

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Firetrace System Applications

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