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Linear Trace Tubing Systems Advantages at a Glance;
Totally Self-Contained / Require No Electrical Power / Require No Expensive Control Panel
Can be designed to use Clean Agents, Foam & Dry Chemical
The Flexible Detection Tubing can provide protection in difficult and hard to reach areas.

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Industrial - Forklifts, Plant Machinery Engine Protection, Paper Pulping Machines, Farming Equipment,
Cleaning Tanks, Computers and Servers, CNC Machines, Cloud Server Fire Extinguishers, Dust and Mist Collectors, Electrical Control Cabinets, Fume Hoods and Cabinets for Laboratories, Hazardous Material Storage Units, Manufacturing Equipment and Processes, Telecommunications Equipment, Wind Turbines, Computer Racks, PLC & Process Automation Control Cabinets, Critical Data Processing Equipment, UPS Cabinets, Medical Equipment, Switchgears, CNC Machines, Enclosed Automated Milling Machines, EDM Machines, Robotic Welding Machines, Plastic Injection Moulding Machines.


Vehicles - Heavy Lift Equipment, Farm Equipment - Harvesters and Pickers, Heavy Duty Equipment, Mass Transportation, Military Vehicle and Aircraft Fire Protection Systems, Automobiles, Buses, Paratransit / Mobility Vehicles, Shredder Trucks, Electric Trains.


Facilities – Airports, Electrical Utilities, Intermodal Freight Operations, Mass Transit Systems, Mining, Pharmaceutical, Port Authorities, Water Treatment, Server Rooms, Electrical Control Centres.

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