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Ansul - Not just a one-trick..........Fish?

Ansul have produced the top selling and most effective kitchen fire suppression systems in the world for the last 30 years and more. For the last 20 years, the Ansul R102 has ruled the roost, and rightly so, with its great mix of proven relaibility, ease of use for commercial kitchen end users and ease of installation for Authorised Distributors.

However, more recently, the Ansul Prianha Kitchen Fire Suppression System has started to come into its own.

Below, we look at both system's benefits and provide video footage so you can see for yourself how each system works.

See our Video that looks at both systems at the bottom the article.

Piranha Dual Agent - Ansul Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Ansul restaurant system

KSS Fire Suppression are pleased to announce the Piranha System - a new modern generation of restaurant kitchen fire suppression systems.

In the last 10 years major developments have changed the ways of commercial cooking.

Cooking equipment currently manufactured uses more efficient burners, resulting in much higher heating rates.

More cooking is done with vegetable oil instead of animal fats. Vegetable oils have a much higher auto ignition temperature.

Fryers are now made with improved insulation that slows the cooling rate, but which also increases the risk of a re-flash in the event of fire. Restaurant and Hotel Kitchen fires are much harder to extinguish than they were 15 or 20 years ago.

The Piranha hood system features fast flame knockdown with the power of a wet chemical suppression agent, and the cooling capability of water. Tests using the Piranha double agent system have shown dramatically increased fire suppression system performance. The Piranha hood system offers the following advantages:

  • Revolutionary wet chemical and water kitchen fire suppression system

  • Twice the coverage of conventional single-agent hood systems

  • Cools cooking oils 15 times faster than simple wet chemical kitchen fire suppression systems

  • Flexible nozzle coverage compared to the older hood systems

  • Smaller and fewer agent storage tanks

Ansul R-102 Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Ansul R-102 Kitchen Fire Suppression System

The Ansul R-102 Liquid Agent System continues to be the #1 Kitchen Fire Suppression system in the world, allowing you to choose from either of two design options namely Appliance-Specific Design or Overlapping Appliance Protection.

Appliance-Specific Design

  • Custom-aimed nozzles

  • More efficient

  • More economical

The most efficient fire protection is accomplished when nozzles are selected and aimed at specific hazard areas on each appliance. This method typically provides the most economical use of liquid agent reducing the size or quantity of storage tanks and associated hardware.

In this design nozzles are placed and aimed individually at specific appliances.

Overlapping Appliance Protection

  • Simple and flexible

  • Straight-line nozzle arrangement

  • Virtual fire-free zone all over

When flexibility and simplicity are most important, nozzles are placed in a straight-line arrangement 647 mm (25.5 in.) apart and 1016-1143 mm (40-45 in.) above the cooking surface providing overlapping agent discharge patterns. This creates a virtual fire-free zone where appliances of various types and sizes are protected - even if they are replaced or rearranged under the hood.

In this design nozzles are not aimed individually at specific appliances but instead are consistently aimed at the hazard zone centerlines.

For information on either system, please contact us on 00 353 1 4429733 or


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