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KSS add Sea Fire Europe's Marine Fire Suppression Systems to portfolio

KSS are delighted to annouce that we are now distributors for Sea Fire Europe Limited.

marine fire suppression

Sea Fire provide high quality Fire Suppression and Detection Systems, Extinghuishers and Engine Shut Off systems for pleasure craft and commercial marine markets.

Sea Fire are world leaders in the marine fire suppression market. KSS are offering a full design, installation and maintenance service that utilises our national reach ensuring support and backup for all our customer's systems.

Sea Fire's Marine Fire Suppression Systems carry all relevant marine approvals and interational certification ensuring compliance wherever the customer vessel travels.

Data Sheets and Product Brochures Can be Downloaded from Our Technical Library Here

Automatic Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Units

Automatic Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Units

Sea Fire offer pre-sized units that can be installed without the need for pipe work. They cylidners are self contained units that contain FM200 or Novec 1230 fire suppression agents. They act automatically, manually or both depending on the requirements. Sea Fire Pre-Engineered Systems carry an industry leading 3 year warranty for their Pre-Engineered Systems and 2 years on Cables and Electronics.

Pre-Engineered means:

We have taken into account all factors:

Protected space volume

Agent weight required

Cylinder size and fill density

Nitrogen supercharge

Nozzle flow rate

Discharge time

Engineered Marine Fire Suppression Systems

Automatic Pre-engineered Fire Suppression Cylinder

Sea-Fire FM-200 “H-Series” Custom-Engineered Fire Suppression Systems protect spaces from 42.5 cubic meters up to 500 cubic meters and provide reliable and responsible economical solutions that protect large pleasure craft, yachts, workboats, marine vessels and onshore/offshore marine applications.

Systems are fully customizable and available with versatile options such as automatic and manual or manual only systems. Features include 30 or 60 second time delay, alarm sirens and pressure trips for maintaining compartment integrity. SEA-FIRE engineered marine systems are tested and approved in accordance with IMO/SOLAS requirements. Numerous international approvals including USCG and Lloyds MCA.

Marine Fire Detection / Marine Fire Alarm Systems

Sea Fire offer the Triton 8 and Triton 2 Addressable Detection Panels.

Triton 8 8 addressable loops and 32 zones.

Triton 2 2 addressable loops and 8 zones.

The 24 vdc compact unit has a flush fitting membrane fascia panel with LCD screen for alarm identification. This system is designed for the increasing demands of modern vessels in the commercial and recreational marine market.

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