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What you need to know about kitchen fire suppression systems...

Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems are designed to keep any fire that has started on a kitchen appliance such as a range, griddle or a deep fat fryer from raging out of control.

How the systems work.

Kitchen fire suppression systems are highly effective fire containment systems. Once a fire is detected, the system discharges the wet chemical through the nozzles from above the appliance but also in the plenum and duct work. The wet chemicals cover the flames and starve the fire of any oxygen and heat the third element required for a fire is fuel and this should be shut off upon activation of the suppression system. Kitchen fire suppression systems also come with a manual pull station that allows the kitchen staff to activate it rather than tackling the fire allowing them to evacuate the kitchen safely. The rest of the kitchen remains unaffected with minimal damage caused to the cooking area.

Kitchen fire suppression

Where systems are installed.

Being able to protect a wide variety of kitchen appliances, Ansul kitchen fire suppression system is typically installed in the kitchen and must be visible to kitchen staff. The system’s nozzles are installed in the kitchen canopy plenum exhaust.

How you benefit.

The obvious benefit of a commercial kitchen fire suppression system is protecting your employees and customer from the dangers of a fire. The system works effectively to minimize fire damage, reducing potential repair costs and loss of income during the time it takes to meet the EN16282/7 standard. As a life safety system, it is important to have an active PMP with an Authorised distributor to keep up with all regular and scheduled semi-annual inspections to ensure it can work effectively in the case of a kitchen fire.

Kitchen fire suppression - KSS

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