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Brexit, FM200 & Your Carbon Footprint

The Problem

EU Regulation # 517/2014 sets out to control the use of HFC’s in the Fire Suppression Sector, and with FM200 / HFC-227ea being included in the Montreal Protocol (2016 Kigali amendment coming into effect in January ‘19), the long term use of this Gas is not viable from either a financial, or ethical perspective. The phase down of HFCs will culminate in 2030 at a 79% reduction from 2015 levels, impacting most HFC markets and applications, including fire suppression.

In addition, since 1stJanuary 2021, Great Britain is a Third Country in respect of imports and export, meaning importers of FM200 from GB must now hold sufficient EU HFC quota for both New Systems, and Service Exchange Cylinders. This makes maintenance and refilling existing FM200 Systems restrictive and costly.

The Solution

Switch to non-HFC Fire Suppression System such as Novec.

The Reason

FM200 has a global warming potential of 3,220 over 100 years, whereas Novec has Zero Ozone Depletion Potential and a Global warming potential of just 1.

The cost to Recover FM200 Gas will only ever increase.

The ability to refill a system in the event of a discharge will be greatly hindered, and if possible – up to 6 times more expensive.

Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Sustainability

The Offering

Reduce your risk & carbon footprint in One Easy Transaction - KSS can provide a turnkey, cradle to grave Novec upgrade to your existing FM200 systems.

KSS Gas Disposal

KSS can provide an undertaking to transport recovered FM200 gas from generator site to an authorized waste facility by way of valid Prior Annual Notification (PAN).

KSS can provide FM200 recovery to a facility authorised under the Waste Management Act 1996 (as amended). The facility holds a Waste Certificate of Registration for the recovered FM200 so you can rest assured knowing you are complying with all EPA & European F-Gas Protocols & Regulations.

For Next Steps please contact your KSS Account Manager Today @


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