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Do-Mist Fire Suppression System | Ireland

KSS are delighted to bring the Do-Mist Suppression System to the Irish Market.

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Fire Suppression System For Domestic Kitchen Fires

This System has been designed specifically to provide a cost-effective Suppression System option to those responsible for fire safety in Student Accommodation & Assisted Living Facilities.

It is based on an innovative method of extinguishing fires with water mist. The System operates on low pressures and is safe for the environment, as it only uses water and compressed gas.

The unique properties of the System are possible thanks to special structure of nozzles and rotors installed inside cylinder.

domestic kitchen fire

The droplets generated have a diameter between Dv 55-75 µm and their kinetic energy is sufficient enough to penetrate the convection flows generated by fire.

Thanks to such droplet parameters a very large coverage area is achieved, which accelerates the exchange of heat with the surroundings and creates perfect, unique fire extinguishing properties, while using a relatively small amount of water.

Do-Mist Fire Suppression Advantages

  • Elimination of post-fire losses caused by flooding or the use of chemical agents. System uses minimal amount of water, without any additives,

  • Maximum efficiency of the mist in putting out fires, due to large evaporation area of very small droplets of water,

  • Fast application of mist thanks to balanced kinetic energy of the mist jets,

  • Eliminates the risk of cracks in housings, structures and steel components – no thermal shock,

  • Safety of the people and property due to low pressure of water and gas in the System’s area of operation.

Designed For Small Cookers In Homes, Dorms, Guest Houses etc

The Do-Mist system has been designed to protect small cookers of size up to 0,8 m x 0,8 m and cooking surfaces with elements 0,6 m x 0,6 m used in homes, dormitories, guesthouses, yachts, etc.

Thanks to the specific properties of water mist, allowing it to extinguish burning edible oils fumes, the System can be applied to protect small fryers, food frying stands, grills, electric or gas cookers etc.

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