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Fire Suppression & Preventative Maintenance Plans..

Protecting your Business with a Fire Suppression System that keeps your Employees & Operations protected against a fire is critically important, but it's only the first step in the process.

Step 2 - Develop & Adhere to a Fire Suppression System Maintenance & Testing Programme.

Having your system maintained in line with Manufacturer Guidelines & in accordance with European / Irish standards is in itself a proactive line of defence that can ensure you have the means in place to avoid potentially catastrophic fire incidents.

Many Facility Managers and others responsible for facility operation don't adequately concern themselves with the inspection, testing and preventive maintenance of their fire suppression systems and equipment.

KSS believe developing a fire suppression equipment maintenance and testing schedule is essential to protecting the investment you've made in the equipment, keeping your employees safe, and ensuring that your operation avoids unnecessary downtime caused by faulty or outdated fire suppression equipment.

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