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Refilling & Service Exchange 10 Year Hydrostatic Testing of Fire Suppression Cylinders

Why is this required - Under IS EN 1968 2002: Annex B, the Pressure Testing Interval for Fire Extinguishing media, used for Emergency Purposes is 10 years.

Who is responsible - The Owner or End User of the Fire Suppression System is responsible and should ensure that their Fire Suppression Cylinders are pressure tested prior to the 10th anniversary of the cylinder's original test date. This means that fire suppression cylinders should be pressure tested every 10 Years.

What is Service Exchange - Service Exchange eliminates downtime for fire suppression systems, ensuring unbroken protection for your valuable assets. KSS will bring pressure tested full cylinders to your chosen site and swap for your out of date or empty cylinders. 

Contact us with your specific cylinder type and we can advise if we can service exchange them.

refilling gas cylinder


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