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Saunas, The Lockdowns & The Safe Return to Sweating.

One of the industries hit hardest during the Global Pandemic was the Leisure Sector, with many Gyms & Health Clubs closing, and only reopening a fraction of their facility.

Social Distancing made taking a Sauna impossible so many of these facilities have been left sitting unused, and some still are. While this is not ideal for either the facility owners or those looking to avail of the services it is an ideal time to ensure your Sauna is as safe as it can be in all aspects, seating, tiling, the heater itself & of course Fire Safety.

Sauna Fire Protection is an area often ignored by business owners, but more and more Insurance Companies & Fire Officers throughout Ireland are asking the question – “is your sauna protected from fire?”

If the answer is YES please contact KSS to discuss a Service Contract.

saunas fire suppression

If the answer is NO, talk to us today about a Fire Suppression System specifically designed & developed for the protection of Saunas - The Hydramist Sauna Protection System.

Why Choose KSS & The Hydramist Sauna System?

- Tested to CENTS14972 : 2011 using a robust fire test protocol which replicates the worst fire scenarios

- Fast and effective control and suppression of fire (within 1 Minute 55 seconds as per BRE tests)

- Minimum post fire damage and clean up

- Easily retro fitted into the sauna/steam room due to the small bore stainless steel piping

- Only 1 x nozzle per sauna within the risk area

- Short installation times required (typically one day)

- Connects to on-site water supply - no requirement for 3 bar pressure!

- Powered by 240v pump

- Safe for people and the environment

For More on the system check out

For more on how KSS can help you protect your building & business - contact KSS –


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