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What is Fire Suppression System?

The only objective of any Fire Suppression System is to extinguish a fire as quickly as possible. Firstly, the system should alert occupants of the site to the presence of a fire, then the system will begin to emit a concentrated substance to suppress the flames. The exact nature of this substance can vary, based on the environment the system is designed to protect.

Common examples include inert gas, as well as a range of liquid agents.

One of the defining features of fire suppression systems is that they don’t use water. There are exceptions such as water mist suppression systems, or the Pirahna Systems for Commercial Kitchens which use a combination of Mains Water & Wet Chemical.

Its this “usual” lack of water that makes suppression systems ideal for use in spaces which are particularly susceptible to water damage, such as rooms with large amounts of electrical equipment, as well as sites such as galleries and museums, as they usually contain highly valuable and fragile materials.

Fire suppression is the final measure put in place to fight the spread of fire. In this context, we can understand Fire Prevention, Protection, and Suppression as a three-stage process, with each stage containing specific measures to prevent and fight fires.

Therefore, we all have a responsibility to regularly review and assess each part of the system, so we can quickly identify risks and rectify any damage or neglect.

To briefly summarise, here are the main differences between fire protection, prevention and suppression:

Fire Prevention Systems

Fire prevention systems aim to minimize potential fire hazards.

Fire Protection Systems

Fire protection reduces damage and helps to safely evacuate a building.

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression systems are intended to extinguish the flames.

KSS are Ireland’s leading experts in Fire Suppression.

We are on-hand to provide specialist installation and PMP services.

All KSS Technicians & Representatives are fully compliant with the latest industry regulations. & product training so our clients can feel confident that KSS will always focus on Compliance.

To speak to one of the KSS Team about a New Install, or a PMP for an existing system, or just to get some advise contact us today.

KSS fire suppression experts

For General Enquiries please contact Rob Davis - Director -

For Ansul R-102 Please contact Robert O'Meara -

For Gas Suppression Please contact Colm Nugent -

& for all PMP & Service Enquiries please contact Alan Murphy -

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