Vehicular Fires - The Risks & How To Negate Them.

KSS have been working with Firetrace UK for almost a decade to provide cost effective, efficient solutions for a wide range of hazard protection.

We have seen the market grow in recent years with regard to Vehicle Protection, with many Insurance Companies insisting on vehicles being fitted with an Automatic Suppression System.

KSS will survey your plant and revert with a proposal & quotation for either a Direct, or Indirect System depending on the area to be protected.

How does it work?

Firetrace is a self-seeking fire suppression system, which automatically detects and suppresses the fire at source. This is thanks to the Detection tubing being routed through a risk area offering protection along its entire length.

This detection tubing is designed to rupture at 110°C discharging the extinguishant at the point of fire. These innovative systems may be used as a standalone device, or can be fully monitored for interfacing with alarm systems and or full shutdown of the equipment being protected.

Carrying the CE Mark & being manufactured in accordance with ISO9001:2008 you can rest assured knowing your assets are protected by Industry Leaders in Firetrace & KSS.

Looking for a quote, or some advise -

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