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Firetrace - Cost Effective Fire Suppression System

Firetrace is a cost effective automatic fire detection and extinguishing system designed to provide 24/7 fire protection to electrical, server, telecommunications equipment as well as critical plant & equipment.

This system will contain a fire in any enclosed space where equipment is working unsupervised 24/7. we can supply & install into Control Panels, Electrical Distribution Panels, Electrical Generators, and Vehicle Engine Compartments.

Firetrace fire suppression system is widely used by Global Plant Companies, as well as many within the private & public transport sector protecting the engine compartments against combustion.

Fire Trace

The risk of a fire is very real in today’s hot-running and overcrowded server racks and closets. A minor server fire can cost a company tens of thousands in lost revenues and productivity; a catastrophic server fire can bankrupt a business. Statistics show that half of all businesses that lose their data from a fire or other disaster file for bankruptcy almost immediately; and more than 90 percent of companies that lose their data for 10 days or more close their doors within one year.

The heat sensitive tubing which is pressurized and can disperse either Novec 1230 or Dry Powder, depending on what's it protecting, is routed around the hazard area so that in the event of fire, the tubing ruptures at the precise location of the fire, discharging the full contents of the system directly onto the source.

One of the main advantages of the ‘Firetrace’ system is that since it is installed within the server cabinet itself, it offers a far quicker response time in comparison to conventional sprinkler operated flooding systems where the fire would need to be at a much more advanced stage before it was detected.

Using Firetrace, a fire is typically detected and extinguished in less than ten seconds, limiting damage to expensive equipment.

Talk to us today about protecting your Switchgear / Electrical Cabinets / Comms Cabinets or Heavy Plant.

Automatic fire suppression system


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